Health Safety and Environment Inspector

# JOB SUMMARY: To perform routine safety Inspection and monitoring asign job site check work permit and other documents needed prior startup of the job. # Requirements: * University / College Graduate undergraduate of any Engineering courses or combination of education and experience. * Approved OSH certificate from # PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: - To ensure foreman/supervisor holds toolbox talk with their crews on job sites prior to start the activity. - To Performs regular jobsite inspections of all electrical extinction cables, Tools and equipment, PPE’s of crews in order to identify any unsafe work practices and unsafe conditions, - Keep a record the visits on observation forms and forwarding findings to various administrative and management personnel. - Responsible for the coordination of supplemental inspections when new equipment, color codes and check third party sticker’s validity and substances or processes are introduced as well as when new or formerly undistinguishable hazards are discovered. - To report all incidents and near misses to immediate HSE supervisor. - Helps with the completion of project safety planning and hazard investigation with supervisors, foremen, and managers on new jobs. - To verify that corrective processes are finished in a suitable amount of time for all identified hazards. - To verify the completion of safety recommendations made by the insurance carrier, safety committee or any other safety consultants. - To investigate illnesses and injuries in order to determine the cause and take affirmative action toward preventing recurrence. - To submit status reports each week that specifies projects that were completed during that particular week. - To makes sure that proper fire extinguishers and first aid supplies are kept on or near company equipment and vehicles. - To enforces all of the company safety rules in order to apply adequate disciplinary procedures for employees who violate the safety rules. - To assist with client PMT for safety audit and promoting safety in the field. **NOTE: if you have trouble applyig to this job please send your CV to the following []( with the subject "HSE Inspector".**

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