Project Highlight: Gas Compression & Stabilization Facility

Project Highlight: Gas Compression & Stabilization Facility

GCC has received Mechanical Completion Certificate and is successfully finalizing one of its projects with its client Saudi Aramco to design, procure and construct Gas Compression Facilities at Pump station #3. These facilities support Saudi Aramco’s efforts to remain a reliable supplier of Oil & Gas by meeting the Crude Program's objective of maintaining crude oil production and maximum sustained capacity (MSC).


GCC has upgraded the stabilization facilities to increase the ASL crude oil processed by 30% which has reduced the gas flaring significantly. ASL crude oil is shipped from Hawtah field control center (FCC) and Nu’ayyim GOSP to a facility for Stabilization, NGL recovery, storage and shipping. Previously, the design capacity of stabilization facilities was 200 MBCD ASL crude and 11.2 MMSCFD of gas compression for NGL extraction. Due to crude mix changes over the time from fields, the increase gas rates received and cannot be processed. It can only process 60% of the received crude without excessive gas flaring. Thus, GCC has upgraded the facility to remove this bottleneck and to increase the processing rate of received ASL crude to 87%.


GCC has installed Overhead Compressor Skid Package with Propane Storage bullet, compression suction KO drum and Propane Based Chilling Unit with Propane Pumps. Furthermore, modification to NGL product drum nozzle has been done in addition to the installation of in-house fabricated carbon steel Pipes and Fittings, Manual valves, Automated Valves, Power & control cables and Fiber Optics cables to connect the whole facility with rest of system.  

gas compressor with clouds

Compressor stations play an integral part in the gas transportation from the field to the stabilization facility which are strategically placed within pipeline network to boost pressure and help maintain the flow of gas to the market. With completion of this project, GCC is proud to have completed more than 20 projects with Saudi Aramco. GCC never cease to meet the intricate standards of its client and exceed the expectation with beyond excellent execution.