GCC Celebrating the Completion of J-508

GCC Celebrating the Completion of J-508

GCC has officially completed the Expansion of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Facility which has increased its capacity by 100%. This facility is part of Abqaiq Plant; Saudi Aramco’s biggest oil processing and crude stabilization facility. The project mainly serves the water treatment facility which supplies the plant and the neighboring Abqaiq community with sanitary water.


The Project included expanding Gravity Sewer Main 1200 mm Ø to approximately 5.6km to connect and further increase the capacity of Abqaiq Wastewater treatment facility. Such sewer lines can handle large volumes of flow as well as grit and other solids. Hence, it demands high expertise in construction which GCC possesses.

GCC has built and installed a permanent diversion headwork with combination of Weir and Divided Wall. These equipment aid in the treatment processes, maintenance and long term reliability of the wastewater treatment processes since the removal of the unwanted debris, sand and grit which clog pumps, piping and hinder flow through the system is at these headworks.

In addition, modification of existing Aeration Tanks has been done by installing New Aerators Motor, Additional Mixer and Supporting Platforms, Minor Structural Repairs and Refurbishment of existing Aeration Tanks.


GCC has done multiple modification and connection to Septage Area. It’s made by the connection and diversion of the existing 400mm Ø gravity sewer from Septage receiving facilities, dumping channel to the new headworks inlet; in addition to the installation of 3 New Vertical Sections along with bus transition, and the connection of the existing 480V MCC-01 to accommodate 16 new motor feeders, 3 feeders for lighting, UPS loads and welding outlet, and 1 feeder for space, 480V combination motor starters and feeder breakers. Furthermore, the modification included installing new Remote I/O Cabinet and new Marshalling Cabinet for the existing Septage Area.


Expanding and working around existing building and sewer lines requires a great deal of experience in infrastructure. Supported by all GCC entities, J-508 operation team has completed this project with excellency.