GCC Celebrates the Completion of Installing Pipelines Scraping Facilities

GCC Celebrates the Completion of Installing Pipelines Scraping Facilities

 GCC is celebrating the completion of installing 7 new pipeline scraping facilities and replacing 30 existing non-standard facilities in more than 35 locations within the Saudi Aramco pipeline network utilising the ageing pipelines.

Scraping facilities; known as pigging facilities, are Launchers and Receivers, which are pressure-containing vessels that are utilized for pipeline maintenance, cleaning, and inline inspection. These facilities are positioned within a pipeline network to launch and receive Scrapers.

Scrapers; also known as “pigs” are devices with blades or brushes inserted into a pipeline to clean the inner walls of the pipe and monitor for critical conditions that could compromise pipeline integrity or operational efficiency, such as cracks, corrosion, or pipe deformations.

The main function of a Scraper Launcher and Receiver is to allow operators to launch and receive pipeline scrapers without disrupting line contents or interrupting and shutting down pipeline operations. So, pipeline scraping or pigging can be accomplished without interruption of pipeline operation, with the scraper carried through the pipe by the commodity being transported.

GCC continues to provide industrial services encompassing all aspects of pipeline services to maintain the Kingdom’s Economy Veins.