GCC Signs an Agreement with SPSP

GCC Signs an Agreement with SPSP

Posted Date: 2022-01-26 14:27:37

GCC announced it has signed an agreement with Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic SPSP to support the development of the company's future Human Capital. GCC is excited to partner with SPSP to enable the young national talents to lead the intricate execution of the upcoming industrial projects.



GCC has been in the industrial sector for more than 70 years, and has been focused on enabling the national talents to lead the production in the company fabrication facilities, and the execution of the future industrial construction projects continuing the legacy of their ancestors who built the foundations of the Kingdom's industrial sector.


Founded by the Ministry of Energy, SPSP has been established to meet the needs of the Petroleum Services Industry and to support the Saudization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. GCC and SPSP are pursuing the same goal of supporting the and enabling the young Saudi talents by providing the highest quality of education and a fulfilling career in the energy sector.