Crane Technician

Crane Technician primary role is to inspect, diagnose and repair a wide variety of cranes and related equipment. He will handle the responsibility of performing routine checks on cranes before being used for loading and unloading operation. 
1.    Progressive 10+ years of professional experience in the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of hydraulic and cargo cranes system
2.    Knowledge and methods of operating various mobile equipment like cranes, forklift, man lifts and scissor lifts
3.    Knowledge of troubleshooting and repairing AC/DC controls / electrical systems.
4.    Skilled in operating various hand tools and working with hoists and cranes.
5.    Ability to read blueprints as well as schematic drawings in order to determine related work procedures.
6.    Possess good time management and organizational skills.
7.    Ability to work effectively at heights or in confined areas.
8.    Responsible for installing repaired cranes, lifts and hoists as well as providing mechanical support in order to ensure proper functioning of equipment including pneumatic and hydraulic system.
9.    Perform tasks of repairing and lubricating cranes and hoists including automatic system.
10.    Responsible for performing mechanical field service related works on cranes, etc.
11.    Handle responsibilities of checking and troubleshooting electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic system of crane and related equipment.
12.    Handle responsibilities of troubleshooting remote control systems and variable frequency drive
13.    Perform tasks of operating forklift and driving service vehicle.
14.    Responsible for maintaining a safe and clean working environment.
15.    Handle responsibilities of providing assistance to crane mechanic in repairing and installing work along with performing other related activities.
16.    Perform tasks of ensuring effective and good cooperation with crew.
17.    Responsible for daily inspection of wire ropes, gauges, mechanical parts, slings, safety equipment and lever.
18.    Handle responsibilities of performing motor alignments and bearing replacements.
19.    Perform tasks of refilling fluids, cleaning equipment and greasing movable parts.
20.    Handle to troubleshoot and repair AC system of crane and other related equipment.
21.    Responsible for performing routine maintenance work like lubricating and cleaning cranes.
22.    Read and understand operating / spare parts manuals and technical drawings.
23.    Wears PPE equipment and follow safety procedures and follow regular housekeeping.
24.    Have computer knowledge, can speak, write and read English language.

1.    Complies with the highest level of safety at workshop and site to avoid any type of accidents.

1.    Minimum of (10) year work experience as Crane Mechanic / Technician

2.    Middle East experience is an advantage.
At least two years  in Technical or Vocational courses


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