Instrumentation Technician

Supervises crews engaged in instrumentation works aspects of construction.
1. Leads and controls skilled labor and work crews engaged in all activities concerned with the
instrumentation works aspects of the project. Ability to optimize resources (manpower, equipment and
materials) to ensure efficient and timely completion of the works. Able to demonstrate good
organizational skills, following policies, procedures and work practices, and developing improvements
where necessary.
2. Ability to read, interpret and follow method statements and procedures. Competent in reading and
understanding specifications, drawings, and all other discipline related project and engineering
documentation. Keeps records of all work completed and completion of “Action Lists”.
3. Commands respect of his workforce, and develops excellent working relationships with all other
department personnel as well as client management.  
4. Must be a good communicator. Able to give instructions in an efficient and effective way to his
workforce. Liaises with other discipline foremen to ensure the optimum utilization of available work,
with the overall objective of successful completion of the project.  
5. Ensures that work crews are properly supplied with tools, equipment and materials.  Prevents wastage
and misuse of equipment, materials and tools.    Supervises work crews to best utilize manpower and
materials, exercises discipline at the work site to prevent absenteeism, unsafe work practices and
6. Supervises the maintenance and correct use of tools and equipment such as diagnostic and calibration
7. Supervises in interpreting and using blueprints, specifications, vendor data, process flow sheets,
drawings and schematic diagrams.  Familiar with reading circuit diagrams.
8. Supervises in installing instrument components, lay‐outs of job and fabricating cable tray supports.
9. Supervises in performing calibration of process instrumentation and in modifying control loops,
removes / replaces instruments, adds and deletes systems. Supervises in performing maintenance and
calibration of electrical and mechanical transducers.
10. Supervises in the maintenance of machines with programmable logic control, electronic control and
pneumatic systems.
11. Supervises the installation of pneumatic instruments and lines of air bellows for balancing purposes and
hydraulic lines.
12. Familiar with and enforces strict compliance with all QA/QC and Safety procedures, plus all Company
rules and regulations.
1. Complies with the highest level of safety during all stages of project execution to avoid any type of
incidents and or accidents. Take reasonable care of own health and safety and that of others in the
2. Identifies, formulates and implements “on‐the‐job” training programs for the workforce under his
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Extensive familiarity with instrumentation
works with at least 5 years of experience as
Foreman or Lead position.  
5 to 8 years experience in the Oil and Gas
industry, preferably within Petrochemical
Middle East experience is considered essential.  
A dynamic leader of his workforce.  
Able to motivate others, with good communication and
interpersonal skills.  
A creative thinker and very good organizer.
Good command of English reading, writing and speaking.
Minimum High School Certificate plus
certificate or diploma or equivalent
professional qualification.

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