Electrician Industrial

Responsible in planning, lay‐outing, installation, modification, upgrading of low/medium voltage electrical
equipments and systems; and conduct repair of electrical equipments using hand tools, power tools and test
equipments in conformance with the applicable quality standards and specifications.
1. Read blueprint, schematic specifications and drawings and schedules for the assembly, installations, modifications,
or upgrade of electrical, equipments and systems.
2. Installs, repairs, maintains or upgrade electrical systems and equipment such as motor transformers, grounding
leads, cabling and wiring, circuit breakers and alarm systems. Locates and determines electrical malfunction using
test equipment such as ammeter, ohmmeter, oscilloscope and tests lamp.
3. Measures, bends, cuts and install steel and PVC conduit in specified panels and duct ways, using hand tools,
measures for location and receptacles and installs. Cuts, pulls and connects and wires according to diagram to
install fixtures such as switches, relays, fuse, boxes, motor etc.  
4. Performs assembly, cabling and wiring of load center and motor control centers.
5. Assembles control panel and installs related contacts and internal wiring, tests continuity of circuits to assure
electrical compatibility and safety of components, using test instrument.
6. Installs, controls and distribution of apparatus such as switches, relays and circuit breaker panels.
7. Inspect electrical system and measures cuts, bends, and threads, assemble, including installation of electrical
conduits using tools such as hacksaw, pipe threaded and conduit bender based on job specifications and codes.
8. Perform electrical works like setting out, cabling, fixing electrical fits, testing, etc. and insulation works, connects
power cable to equipment and install grounding leads.
9. Test continuity at circuit to ensure electrical compatibility and safety of components using testing instruments
such as ohmmeter, buttery and buzzer and oscilloscopes.
10. May work on ladders, scaffolds and roofs to install, maintain or repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures.
11. Perform physically demanding tasks such as digging trenches to lay conduit and moving and lifting heavy objects.  
Place conduit (pipe or tubing) inside designated partitions, walls or other concealed areas, and pull insulated wires
or cables through the conduit to complete circuits between boxes.
12. Performs other duties and functions such as maintaining records and files, preparing reports and ordering supplies
and equipment.
1. Complies with the Company/Project Safety procedures, rules and regulations all the times.
2. Responsible for maintaining and protecting Company/Project properties assigned for use.
3. Ensure attendance for the Company sponsored training courses or seminars for craft‐enhancement program.
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At least with 3 to 5 years extensive experience as Industrial
Electrician in an Industrial or Commercial or Residential
Building construction projects.
Middle East experience is an advantage.
Can communicate and with good interpersonal skills.
Ability to perform the essential job duties with or without
reasonable accommodation and without posting a direct
threat to safety or health of employee or others.
High School Diploma and or
Vocational Graduate

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