Supervisor Civil

Supervises and leads civil crews, ensuring all aspects of performance and work are in compliance with project
specifications and completed within planned time and budget constraints.
1. Supervises and leads foremen, skilled labour, and work crews in all activities concerned with civil works aspects of
a construction project.  Ability to optimize resources (manpower, equipment and materials) to ensure efficient and
timely completion of the project. Able to demonstrate excellent organizational skills, following policies, procedures
and work practices, and developing improvements where necessary.
2. Ability to prepare methods statements and procedures.  Competent in reading and understanding specifications,
drawings, and all other discipline related project and engineering documentation.  Familiar with and enforces strict
compliance with all QA/QC and Safety procedures, plus all Company rules and regulations.
3. Commands respect of his foremen, skilled labour and discipline workforce, and develops excellent working
relationships with all other department personnel as well as client management.  Able to lead and motivate staff
towards a common goal or objective.
4. Must be an excellent communicator.  Able to give instructions and transfer knowledge in an efficient and effective
way at all levels, client, management, supervision, co‐workers and staff.    Liaises with other discipline staff to
ensure the optimum interface of the various operational activities, with the overall objective of successful
completion of the project.
5. Understands the principals and importance of planning.  Monitors and tracks daily progress and work completed,
comparing planned to actual.  Takes appropriate mitigating action to ensure compliance with the plan, based on
knowledge of available manpower, equipment, materials, and in cooperation with planning engineer and project
6. Ensures that the foremen understand and implement the work plan, by explaining and engaging in pro‐active
communication with the crews.
7. Supervises the preparation of three week and one week look‐ahead plans for the civil works of the project, in close
liaison with construction, planning and other departments and disciplines.
8. Reviews quantities of materials received or used during specified periods, in order to minimize wastage and
9. Ensures that all work is in conformity to standards and specifications.    Interprets specifications and discusses
deviations from specified civil procedures to ensure full compliance with QA/QC inspection plans and procedures.
1. Complies always with all Company safety procedures and regulations, especially during site coordination activities.
2. Identifies and implements “on‐the‐job” training programs with the aim of developing and improving team
members’ competency in required skills and abilities.
7 to 10 years experience in the Oil and Gas,
Petrochemicals, preferably within pipelines installations
Extensive familiarity with civil works, with at least five (5)
years of experience in supervisory position.
A dynamic leader, motivated and able to motivate others,
with good communication and interpersonal skills.   
A creative thinker and excellent organizer.
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Extensive familiarity in the construction of civil and
related works and pre‐fabrication of beams, excavation
and compaction to complete the above/underground
Middle East experience is considered essential.
Degree in Civil Engineering from a reputable college
or university

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