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Perform civil engineering duties in planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of
building structures and facilities. Supervise and leads civil crews in the installation, operation, including
maintenance and repair activities ensuring all aspects of operation and associated processes are in compliance
with project specifications and completed within planned time and budget constraints.
1. Analyze survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, and other topographical or geologic data
to plan projects. Compute load and grade requirements, water flow rates, and material stress factors to determine
design specifications.
2. Directly participate in surveying to lay out installations and establish reference points, grades, and elevations to
guide construction and maintenance activities at project site.
3. Demonstrate excellent organizational skills as well as competence in the preparation of method statements and
procedures, and with understanding of policies, work practices and its implementation, posses the capacity to
resolve problems and to develop improvements whenever necessary.
4. Oversee civil construction activities, monitor progress and supervises all involved crews in direct modification and
installations, ensuring all works conforms to the engineering design and standard specifications.  
5. Estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment and optimize available labor resources to determine project
feasibility and conduct reviews of material quantities received and or used during specified periods, in order to
minimize wastage and inefficiency.
6. Competency in reading and understanding civil specifications, drawings, client’s design, manuals and other feasible
data, cost, required maintenance design/application and all other related civil components including engineering
documentation. Able to test soils and materials to determine the adequacy and strength of foundations, concrete,
asphalt and or steel.
7. Able to prepare or present reports, such as bid proposals, deeds, environmental impact statements, and property
and right‐of‐way descriptions.  Provide technical advice regarding design, construction, or program modifications
and civil or structural repairs to project management. Conduct studies of environmental conditions to identify
engineering problems and assess the potential impact to the projects.
8. Understands the principles and importance of planning, monitors, tracks daily progress and work completed,
comparing planned to actual and takes appropriate mitigating action to ensure compliance with the plan, based on
knowledge in cooperation with planning engineer and project management.  
9. Interprets specifications and discusses deviations from specified civil procedures to ensure full compliance with
QA/QC inspection plans and procedures.    Familiar with the Quality Management System and the work is in
conformity to the Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures standards and specifications before proceeding to
the assigned work.   
10. Liaise with other discipline staff to ensure the optimum interface of various operational activities to achieve the
overall objective of the project.  Assist in the preparation of one week and three week look‐ahead plans for the
civil works of the project, in close coordination with construction, procurement, cost/planning and support
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11. Able to give instructions and transfer technical knowledge in efficient and effective way, analyze information,
evaluate and chooses the best result acceptable to client and project management.  Provide information to ensure
that involved supervisory staffs understands the implementation of work plan.
12. Commands respect of discipline workforce, develops excellent working relationships with all other department
staffs as well as client’s management and be able to leads, motivate fellow engineers towards a common
1. Complies with the highest level of safety during all stages of project execution to avoid any type of
incidents and or accidents.   Take reasonable care of own health and safety and that of others in the
2. Complies with all statutory requirements connected with the implementation of project.
3. Assist in the proper closeout of project including transmittal of final documentation to client.
7 to 10 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry,
Petrochemicals, preferably in pipeline projects.  
Extensive familiarity with civil works with at least 7 years
of past experience in Engineering and or Supervisory
Middle East experience is considered essential.
A dynamic leader, motivated and able to
motivate others.
With good communication and interpersonal
A creative thinker and excellent organizer.
Masters /Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
from a reputable University or Colleges.

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