QC Inspector Civil


Providing control of civil function during the execution of the project and its requirements, ensuring that project workers complete the scope on time. Responsible for reporting and recording the results of all examinations and maintaining appropriate records in conformance with the policies and standard specifications.


  1. Complete reviews and inspections activities within assigned civil discipline scope as allocated by supervisor in accordance with project plan and associated procedures, specifications and standards.
  1. Performs “Hold”, “Witness”, “Surveillance” inspections and tests at various construction sites to ensure compliance with the contract requirements and project quality specifications.

  2. Record reports and endorse reports of inspection and compile scope files to identify inspection status.

  3. Report on defective work and non conformities and maintenance problems, calculate dimensions and component specifications and discusses project requirements with superiors. 5. Record any non-conformance and construction practices, materials and equipments and report to the Supervisor in details the potential problems for early resolution.

  4. Witness on site and off site materials and perform installation test in compliance with the approved standards.

  5. Complete verifications as required on personnel qualifications and the correct application of requirements for training and testing.

  6. Inspect materials and equipments as applicable to ensure compliance in the proper handling storage and protection at construction sites.

  7. Prepare weekly inspection reports and initiate non-conformance reports, work sheets and equipment deficiency reports as required.

  8. Assistinidentifyingrootcausesofproblemsandtheresolutionandclearanceofreportedproblems.

  9. Monitor project quality systems, review and evaluate quality document submittals, records and quality personnel for compliance with requirements.

  10. Monitor and perform activities at all stages of the project, assist in the preparation of civil progress reports, ensuring effective implementation of all procedures in accordance with Project Quality Plan.


  1. Complies with all Company/Project safety procedures.

  2. Complies with all statutory requirements connected with the implementation of new project and assist in the proper closeout of project including transmittal of final documentation to client.

  3. Assist in the training of other civil inspectors and assist in performing Quality Audits on civil areas of the project.

  4. Participate in the weekly inspection progress.

  5. Monitor requirements for storage and preservation of materials and equipment including monitoring the effective applications and utilization of tools and equipment.

  6. Generate all civil reports required by the QA/QC Department, project or location and assist in the overall improvement of operating systems and the quality systems.


With 5 years practical experience in construction, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industries, Pipeline Installations and or Power Plant. 3 to 5 years mandatory documented inspection experience covering civil ground works. Excellent knowledge of applicable international standards and good knowledge of Saudi Aramco Engineering requirements, standards, procedures and specifications. Knowledgeable and conversant of Civil Engineering Industry Codes i.e. ACI, ASTM, AASHTO, UBC, AISC, etc. Middle East experience is considered essential.


Has analytical desire and time management aptitude. A dynamic leader, motivated and able to motivate others, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. A creative thinker and excellent organizer. Confirmed full working knowledge of quality system standards and methods (ISO 9001-2008).


BS degree in Civil Engineering Diploma in Civil Engineering


Degree in Engineering (Civil) Certified as an “International Conference of Building Officials” (ICBO) building/plumbing inspector or equivalent is an advantage. SAP No by Aramco with CBT Pass Result in respective Discipline


Licensed / Non-licensed Engineer with fully documented experience.


Able to work with physical exertion working outdoors, confined high elevations, and remote work location. Can work with less supervision and under pressure.


Good working knowledge of standard PC workstation usage and basic MS office software applications.

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