Health Safety and Enviroment Supervisor

Job Requirements

The HSE supervisor shall visibly demonstrate the priority of safety in all activities, including setting a good personal example and as follows.

• Be qualified, proficient in both verbal and written English, provide direct and effective on-site supervision and be continuously present on- site.

• Be empowered in writing by their management to stop their own work and work related to the contract that they deem to be unsafe and to take immediate corrective actions as needed.

• Understand the safety and health requirements of the contract — in particular Schedule ―D as well as the contractor’s CSSP, HIP and/or JSA.

• Assess the workplace and work activities to determine hazards that are present or are likely to be present and inform HSE manager and coordinate with work site management for immediate rectification.

• Evaluate hazardous operations and implement needed precautions to ensure the safety of all affected personnel (note: hazardous operations may include, but are not limited to: welding, radiography, abrasive blasting, asbestos removal, electrical work, solvent cleaning, crane operations, etc.).

• Understand the safest method of performing each job activity in their area of responsibility.

• Provide instructions to their personnel on proper work methods, sequence of operations, potential hazards at each stage and precautions to follow.

• Inform their personnel of safe work methods and safety requirements detailed in the CSSP, HIP and/or JSA prior to beginning a different work activity (i.e., conduct pre-job toolbox safety meetings).

• Use only trained personnel who are properly qualified for the work to be performed.

• Ensure that equipment operators operate only the specific equipment for which they have been trained and/or certified.

• Plan and maintain good housekeeping in the work area.

• Coordinate with subcontractors and other contractors on-site to avoid confusion in areas with joint or overlapping responsibility or joint occupancy (note: this includes work that may be separate and unrelated).

• Advise site management to position temporary equipment to avoid safety hazards.

• Ensure equipment and tools (both power and hand tools) are in good operating condition and properly used.

• Train their personnel on emergency response procedures/plans.

• Conduct weekly safety meetings for their personnel.

• Conduct daily work site inspections to identify and immediately correct unsafe acts, conditions and/or equipment.

• Document and coordinate safety inspection activities and findings with the safety manager.

• Commend personnel who, by action and/or initiative, eliminate hazards.

• Immediately report all incidents, unsafe conditions and defects in equipment to the site management. Participate in incident investigations, safety meetings, drills, etc., and conduct/facilitate safety training sessions

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