Rigger 1

·        Knowledge of selection and configuration of equipment required to move loads accordingly to weight and size.
·        Ability to perform daily site surveys, tasks analysis, critical lift calculations and operator level maintenance on assigned crane rigging components, and when required, splices and repair slings, wire rope and tackles.
·        Knowledge in international hand signal.
·        Analytical skills to perform lift calculations.
·        Ability to work at heights.
·        Ability to lift seventy-five (75) pounds, bend, stoop, and work around equipment, materials, supplies and other items to be handled.
·         Direct Crane Riggers and Operator in the areas, but not limited to performing inspections. Operator-level maintenance, selection and configuration of cables, ropes, pulleys, winches, blocks, shackles and sheaves according to weight and size of load of the moved.
·         Ensure that the members and materials are hoisted and maneuvered in a safe and proficient manner by performing site surveys, task analysis, critical lift calculations and when required, splices, repairs, or replaces slings, wire ropes, and tackle.
·         Ensure that operator level maintenance on assigned crane and rigging components are performed.
·         Preparing and Review Lift Plan.
·         Perform other duties as maybe requires.
·         Compiling and maintaining a Rigging Loft register and make sure that equipment is in good condition.
·         Ensures that the level of supervision on site is sufficient to meet project specifications requirements.
·         Acting as handling and lifting authority on validation of contractor’s key deliverables and prescribed audits as necessary Liaising with Sites Lifting Specialist on a day to day basis for all lifting operations.
·         Reports any issue to construction work leader and maintain regular and efficient information to them.

·       Must have at least 3 years experience as Rigger 1.
·       Certified by Saudi Aramco.

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