Telecommunication Engineer

Provide communication system engineering support across all phases of system management to support
satellite and global communication requirements of the project, including technical enhancements, designing,
developing, implementation, integration and testing using knowledge and expertise in analyzing design,
implementation of resolutions; as well as involvement in the planning and managing of various system;
ensuring that they are completely operational on time, within budget and to the agreed quality standards.  

1. Responsible in providing knowledge on communication hardware to support acquisition of communication
equipment including routers and switches.  
2. Handles development of system, communication network strategies, wiring proposal, functional and detailed
design specifications and interface performance criteria; conduct system and component level network analysis to
include detailed modeling and simulation on the physical communication system.
3. Support to the development of system architecture specifying communication system such as data, telephone,
wireless, transmission and facilities; review and comment on technical documents relevant to satellite and overall
communications on contracts.  
4. Responsible in the execution of the project scope, cost, schedule, quality and technical requirements based on
understanding of five processes of project management.
5. Engage in the development, installation details, schematics, one‐lines, network diagrams, input/output schedules
and other drawings of the Project’s currently used engineering software in cooperation with network Engineers.
6. Provide technical services to Commissioning Department with regard to communication systems, assessment of
facilities and overall processing arrangements, and prepare recommendations for the new installations or
modifications, so as to improve plant control performances and or replacement of defective communication
7. Supervise and leads technical crews on communication systems implementations and implement communication
network strategies, wiring proposal, functional and detailed design specifications.
8. Responsible for creating and maintaining diagrams and documentation of telecom and networking systems.
9. Review drawing, designs and engineering standards and specifications to produce review comments and perform
quality assurance assessments in coordination with the project QA/QC Department.
10. Handle the tasks of providing manuals, training sessions and or orientation on communications products and
technologies to client.

With 5 years of continuous experience as Communication Engineer for Oil and Gas industry, Petrochemicals, Power Plant, Pipeline installation projects or Heavy Equipment Fabrication/Building Construction Industry 

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