Construction Manager – Electrical

Responsible in planning, directing and coordinating electrical phases of works through functional supervisory 
personnel, assigned activities with various electrical work groups and ensuring maintenance of electrical, 
facilities, and associated systems. Participate in the conceptual electrical development of the project and 
oversee its organization, scheduling, and implementation in conformance with all standards and specifications. 

With 10 to 15 years significant construction experience in the field of Oil & Gas, Refinery, Power and Petrochemical plants Has strong leadership and exceptional understanding of other of all disciplines from site activities point of view. 
5 years solid background as Construction Manager,Electrical for large project. 
Should have strong familiarity in Saudi Aramco standards, design, module and installation methods of various electrical equipments/components, and materials/supplies. 

Graduate of Electrical Engineering from reputable College and or University

1. Schedule the project in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines. Ensure that electrical 
works and associated areas are well planned and coordinated with full utilization of available resources in 
close interaction with electrical group, other discipline construction groups and support staffs. 
2. Attend to all electrical activities and associated work requirements such as; assembling and controlling 
the required personnel, equipments, materials and tools; provide guidance to electrical Supervisors and 
crews to achieved expected efficiency and productivity. 
3. Inspect work in progress to monitor conformance with the required quality assurance/quality control 
specifications and requirements, method statements, industry codes, standards and procedures including 
worker’s awareness with all safety regulations. 
4. Advises Project Manager/Sr. Manager in determining and procurement of tools/materials and delivery at 
certain period to cope with the scheduled and planned workloads including request for necessary 
equipment and or machine to carry out priority works. 
5. Interact with Superintendent and line Supervisors by discussing and reviewing the project Key 
Performance Indicators; to determine accurate status of the project, making tactical decisions for 
additional resources to sustain target progress. 
6. Confer with Supervisory staffs, subcontractors and design professionals to discuss and resolve matters 
pertaining to work procedures, complaints, and or construction problems. 
7. Review reports received from Superintendents and endorse to Sr. Manager for corrective actions if 
project is deem behind schedule, slippages or overspends budget. 
8. Assist in the selection of electrical subcontractor and once approved, oversee workers in the 
implementation up to the completion of specific pieces of the project scope.

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