Project Control Manager

Closely collaborates with General Manager‐Operations and VP‐Operations in directing, coordinating and
exercising functional authority in planning and scheduling, cost engineering, manpower planning and control,
including management reporting all throughout the duration of the project.

University and / or College Education with a Degree in Engineering, Business Management or Construction Technology/Management.

 At least 10 to 15 years (post qualification) work experience with solid background in planning and scheduling for major construction project related to Oil & Gas, Power, Refinery, Petrochemical Plants and or Piping Installations projects. Middle East experience is an advantage. 

1. Leads and provides guidance to project control team in the preparation of project schedule after contract 
awarding, to include original baseline schedule, manpower and equipment schedules and all subsequent field 
working schedules required per contract requirements. 
2. Finalize the preparation of project control plan necessary in defining work scopes, initial estimates, budgets plan, 
work schedules, scope change and required resources in conformance with the contract. 
3. Oversee timely allocation, distribution and assessment of manpower resource to project in accordance with 
qualification and skills requirements. 
4. Evaluate all information contained on project manpower census report, movements and reports on the overall 
utilization of workers to ensure its reliability before endorsing to management. 
5. Monitor and assist in the preparations of periodic analysis of project manpower requirements projection against 
available resource in order to initiate In-Kingdom sourcing arrangements with Project Management, and or 
personnel requisitions for out-of-kingdom sourcing by Recruitment Department. 
6. Conduct analysis of Cost and Revenue trends and prepare reports for potential problems to Executive 
7. Initiate an effective document control procedures for all project records including archiving controls of records 
in coordination with support department heads until the duration of the project. 
8. Study, review and prepare criteria for schedules and oversee its development; and applying justification and 
approval for deviations found on project plan and schedules. 
9. Finalize reports on project status relevant to cost, schedule and resources, and conduct monitoring, reporting 
and forecasting of project cost and revenue trends. 
10. Study and analyze actual versus scheduled progress of productivity and prepare list of recommending solutions 
to problems encountered on project to Project and Executive Management. 
11. Attend project cost and related meetings with client, Project Managements and or subcontractor and may 
instruct the team to conduct random audit of staffs and workers or subcontractor to insure performance and 
attendance at site.

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