About Us




It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity as Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Consolidated Contractors Co. (GCC) to share our immediate short and mid-term plans as we move forward in our new management’s vision.

Meticulously conceived and consistently organized, GCC is the result of multiple and simultaneous mergers of long-established Saudi Arabian construction companies. Our 60 year history includes continuous kingdom involvement in the major disciplines of industrial construction: civil, structural, mechanical instrumentation, electrical instrumentation, and specialist pipeline construction activities. We look forward to maintaining and enhancing the proud history of our constituent companies as partners-in-success.

Our objective over the next five to seven years is to convert GCC from its present [mainly construction related activities] into a full service entity, including: engineering, procuring, constructing and a project-management company. The ultimate goal is to focus our efforts toward establishing GCC as a leading EPC/PM.

In order to achieve this challenging goal, we intend to build a strong and technically capable high-level engineering division, to serve as the backbone of our company. This capability will be fully supported by a strengthened procurement division; thus allowing us to undertake mega-multi-discipline projects in the near future.

In order to fully support our efforts, we have invested in a state-of the-art IT ERP system. Application of an advanced system integration tool will enable us to effectively control all aspects of the entire industrial construction [business & operations] in a truly efficient manner.

We have a collective commitment to ourselves, clients, shareholders and the local community, to not only earn a profit and expand business, but also to gain the respect and professional recognition of our peers.

Thank You,


Aiman Rateb Mihyar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)